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You're in the right place....

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Ever feel like you have something to say but you can't?
Want to talk to someone but your too scared of someone else finding out?
Need Advice, but don't know where to get it?

IF SO, You're in the right place!

This is a community, for those of you out there that have no one to talk to or get advice from, if you need advice, or need someone to talk to: Please Join this community, and post your entry in here! Mark it as Friends, Not Public! So only the members and mods of this community can view it...

If someone you know is in this community, and you do not want them readin ur entry, post an entry saying I need ADVICE in the subject line. We will work somethin out for your needs only!

Would you rather talk one on one and not let everyone in tha community read wat you have to say? If so there's room for that too! Just click the link below for the contact list of tons of people willing to help!

You must be a member to view!!!!http://community.livejournal.com/sinful_whispers/1899.html



Break any of the Following rules! Trust me* The Mod or Co-Mod, will find out, and you will be REPORTED


This community is moderated!
Do Not leave nasty, hurtful, mean, or rude comments to another member, we will have no choice but to BAN *&* REPORT YOU (We are very serious about discrimination in any word shape or form)!
ONLY JOIN if you need help/advice!
If, for any other reason you join this community and DO NOT UPDATE, then you must either be somebody WILLING Give advice, or you must give the mod/mods the reason you joined!
Also, please if you want to be added as my friend, do not go to my private journal and add me, I will NOT add you back! Everything I write in there is private! Just for me, you can add me at my public journal! The link is in the community!

You don't have to promote, unless you want to! There may be times when you are asked to, but til then you don't have to

If you want to though, here are some quick banners *I made* I'll have more & better ones later

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